Public Speaking

 2017 – “What is YOUR Foreign Policy” TEDx Talk Queensu – Kingston (Canada)

Other recent selected past speaking engagements include, 

2016 – “The Role of Gender in the Field of Security and Defence” Women in International Security Roundtable – Brussels (Belgium)

2016 – “Tailor-made Gender Awareness Course for the NATO Community” NATO Headquarters – Brussels (Belgium)

2016 – « L’intégration des perspectives de genre à l’OTAN: théorie et pratique » Université de Montréal – Montréal (Canada)

2016 – “The Obama Doctrine and American Allies” Université de Poitiers – Poitiers (France)

2016 – “From Nukes to Boots on the Ground: Why Allies Follow Obama” Fulbright Lecture at the University of Ottawa – Ottawa (Canada)

2016 – “The Return of Trudeaumania: A Public Diplomacy Shift in Canadian Foreign Policy?” Fulbright Visiting Research Chair 10th Anniversary Conference – Los Angeles (California)

2016 – “Why Gender Matters at NATO” Deputy Permanent Representatives Committee Briefing, NATO Headquarters – Brussels (Belgium)

2016 – “NATO Deterrence and Forward Presence” Deterrence Roundtable at the Canadian Permanent Delegation, NATO Headquarters – Brussels (Belgium)

2016 – “The Role of Nuclear Weapons in NATO’s Deterrence Posture” NATO’s Expert Forum – Warsaw (Poland)

2016 – “Opening Panel on Mentoring” 9th Annual Women in International Security – Canada Workshop Women in Security Across Military and Civilian Lines at Mount Saint Vincent University – Halifax (Canada)

2016 – “Rounding a Square Peg: The Institutionalization of Gender Mainstreaming within NATO” International Studies Association Catalytic Workshop Conceptualization, Measurement and Analysis of Female Combatants – Washington, D.C. (USA)

2016 – “La place du Canada dans les grandes coalitions militaires” Colloque La Défense du Canada au 21e siècle organized by the Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur les relations internationales du Canada et du Québec – Montréal (Canada)

2016 – “Women, Peace and Security” 3rd Symposium on Common Security and Defence Policy organized by the European Delegation to Canada – Ottawa (Canada)

2016 – “Women in International Security: From the Cabinet to Kandahar” La Jolla Soroptimist Organization – San Diego (USA)

2016 – “Moderator – Women of Courage” Center for Public Diplomacy event at the University of Southern California – Los Angeles (USA)

2016 – “Opening Remarks – Women in Public Diplomacy” APDS Spring Conference at the University of Southern California – Los Angeles (USA)

2016 – “The Relevance of Deterrence in an Age of Hybrid War: Can Canada and its Allies Adapt?” National Defence Headquarters – Ottawa (Canada)